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How does the process work?

What type of paper/ink do you use?

How long does it take?

How much does it cost?

What sort of custom illustrations have you painted?

How does the process work?

Take a look at my Custom Illustration page, so that you get a good idea of the sort of things I do and my style of painting. There is a rough rice guide below each image, but this can vary depending on how mant people/pets you require. If you drop me an email letting me know what it is you want, I will reply with a definitive price. Once you are happy to go ahead I will ask you to send photos of anyone who is to be included in the ilustration (you can send individual photos, even for a group illustration) and if you can let me have any information that might be helpful for the picture; peoples favourite colours, pets favourite object, childs favourite toy etc. - anything that will make the illustration super personal! I will then ask for a PayPal payment (if you do not have PayPal we can work around this, but it is my preferred method). Once the payment arrives I will sketch up your illustration and send you a photo. You can make any changes at this stage. Once the drawing has been agreed I will ink it up and paint it and send another photo, before packaging it in a celophane bag and popping it in a hard-backed envelope to be posted out to you.

What type of paper/paint do you use?

I only use high quality 300gsm watercolour paper, and traditional watercolour paints.

How long does it take?

I try to turn around paintings within a week at the most, but this depends on how many orders I have in. If you need the illustration by a certain date,  please let me know when ordering and I will ensure it is done on time!

How much does it cost?

A rough price guide is on my custom illustration page, please email me with your requirements and I will confirm the price.

What sort of custom illustrations can you paint?

I can paint all sorts of things including:

Couple illustration

Couple engagemen illustration

Wedding couple illustration

Wedding venue illustration

Wedding welly illustration

Bride and father of the bride illustration

'Our Story' illustration

Honeymoon illustration

New baby illustration

Baby/child illustration

New big brother/new big sister illustration

Themed child illustration

Name sign illustration

Initial illustration

Nursery illustration

Family illustration

Full length family illustration

Themed family illustration

Family welly illustration

Family welly and coats illustration

Family group illustration

Family tree illustration

Lockdown family illustration

Pet illustration

New/first/old home illustration

Front door illustration

Childs first day at school illustration

Graduation illustration

Passed driving test illustration

Happy memory illustration

Mother's Day illustration

Father's Day illustration

Easter illustration

Birthday illustration

Christmas illustration

Grandparents illustration

Best friends illustration

If you require anything outside of these examples, just ask!